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NorthAm Loans is a scam and I fell for it.I was in contact with them many times and was always told to be patient.

5 months is enough. I have contacted my credit card company and they will credit my money back after explaining what NorthAm did to me. I am angry and mostly humiliated to fall for such a thing. What was I thinking?

Now what do I do with NorthAM? Do I contact them and "quit" in some way. Anyone out there to help me with this one??

Really need the advice now on how to quit.

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:( Yeah, I've had issues with this "Company" from the Oct 07.I eventually had to get in touch with the Arizona Gen Atty, and BBB.

They said at that time that they had no complaints about this company.

I have actually managed to get my "commissions" once, and am about to request the most recent 65.00. That is an entire year's worth of "sales". So, you really can make a drizzle of $$ once a year off this, I guess. I only really saw 150.00 btwn 10/07 and now (1/09), but my "advertising package" I got ripped off for ($4000.00) and the "sign up fee" of $100.00 only put me in serious debt for which I am now considering filing bankruptcy, because my CC company said there was nothing they could do for me, because I had authorized the transaction.

:? SO ! I decided to take action and p[lace my own ads for FREE on every possible free site out there, and guess what ! I have generarted almost 1/2 the amount of lead from the prior year of "letting them advertise for me", in less than 3 months.

Anybody need advice on how to advertise for yourself ....for under $ 4000.00 ?

email me @, for a mere $ 0.00 non membership,with a non annual recurring fee of $ 0.00. You will receive 0 phising emails from sending me an inquiry, and you will get ONLY the information for which you asked along with 0 autoresponses, and partner offers !

ALL this for only $ 0.00 and 1 inquiry !!(plus $ 0.00 shipping and handling !)...YOU can become an independant advertiser ONLINE !

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